Tarot card Reading

To conduct a meaningful tarot reading, the connection with the earth element is absolutely vital. This preliminary step holds great importance, acting as your shield against any negative energies that may intrude. Moreover, it ensures a seamless flow in the alignment of your energies with those of your guiding Spiritual presence. To attain this state, it's essential to discover a tranquil space within your home where peace reigns. Once you've found this serene sanctuary, relax, gently close your eyes, and become attuned to the gentle rhythm of your breath. Allow your mind to go blank or focus on a cherished event or person that fills your heart with happiness.

As you initiate the tarot reading, it's essential to have the cards neatly arranged on a table. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, ensuring your back maintains a strong and upright posture. Feel the energy streaming in through your feet, rising from the Earth's core. Release any worrisome thoughts and concentrate on the positive vision you've chosen. Tune into the gentle ebb and flow of your breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly.

Once you've attained complete mastery over your thoughts, envision the roots of a mighty, leafy tree emerging from the Earth. Watch as they wind their way around your feet, gradually ascending and enveloping your legs. These roots should appear robust and solid, teeming with life, from tiny insects to grains of soil and pebbles. Begin to feel the profound connection with Mother Earth, sensing the warmth surging from the ground, enveloping you with love, joy, and spiritual strength.

Next, conjure a radiant white light emanating from the very core of your heart. Visualize this brilliance slowly permeating the room around you, dispelling darkness with its radiant glow. As you bask in the luminosity, a violet ray descends from above, harmoniously merging with the pristine white light, bringing a sense of profound peace and equilibrium.

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