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To make a free tarot roll, it is essential that you be connected to the earth element. This previous step is important, since it is your protection against bad energies. In addition, it guarantees total fluidity in the connection of your vibrations with those of your Spiritual Guide. To achieve this, you must find a place in your home that is in complete peace. Then, relax, close your eyes and focus on the sway of your breathing. Set your mind blank or in an event or person that brings you happiness.

When you start the roll, you must have the cards arranged on a table. With your feet touching the ground and your back firmly, feel the energy as it enters through your feet and travels from the bottom up. Free your mind of any worries and focus on the positive vision you have chosen. Feel how your breath comes in and out. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly.

When you have total control of your mind, visualize the roots of a large leafy tree as they grow from the ground and intertwine with your feet. Gradually they go up and around your legs. Imagine that they are strong and thick roots, full of insects, dirt and small rocks. Begin to feel the connection with mother earth. Feel the heat that flows from the ground and fills you with love, joy and spiritual strength.

Then, visualize a very radiant white light that comes from the center of your heart. Slowly invade the room where you are, and it illuminates your entire body. Note how darkness becomes light. Then, from above enters a violet ray that combines with the beautiful white light. This tonality brings you peace and balance. Now you are safe and secure. In deep connection with the universe.

Now focus on the question you will ask the cards and read the following mantra aloud:
Mother Earth, Inner Self, Angels and Archangels of Light, Divine Energies of Love, I ask for help in interpreting the answer I need.
Wrap me in an aura of protective light with love and peace, and send my request to connect with the depths of Mother Earth.
Please guide my way to the concrete answer I need, I ask you for wisdom to interpret the symbols of the letters.

“Every morning when I wake up, I look for my iPad and read the arcane of the day that corresponds to me next to my horoscope. Having this wonderful advice available daily is an incredible blessing that enlightens me and gives wisdom to face the day” -Audrey M., Chicago, EE. UU.